Property Strategy Consultation

Property is an excellent way to create wealth, yet there are so many people missing out on the opportunity to invest simply because they just don’t have the right knowledge to make the right choices.

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Property Strategy Consultation

Property is an excellent way to create wealth, yet there are so many people missing out on the opportunity to invest simply because they just don’t have the right knowledge to make the right choices.

Key Benefits

Help you define your investment and property goals
Discuss and consider your finance and tax strategies
Create your personalised Property Investment Game Plan so you can start investing with confidence

Property Strategy Consultation

Property investing can seem overwhelming and you know that you need to be considering certain factors and asking certain questions, but you just can’t figure out what they are! It’s moments like these that can leave you vulnerable and at risk of making a mistake.

Here at PrimePS, we provide a free property strategy consultation to cut through the myths and jargon to make property investing straightforward and stress-free. In our consultation we talk through your goals, consider your lifestyle, discuss finance, consider tax strategies and create your very own personalised Property Investment Game Plan to help guide you through the process so it’s stress free.

It’s important to us to ensure that you are equipped with all the tools required to make exceptional property choices that are in line with your goals. What’s more, these tools are tailored to your own personal circumstances and to help you with the right steps to remain focused on your end goal.

You could be well on your way to creating a sound retirement plan or becoming a wealth superstar.


“I am writing to thank you for all your hard work, knowledge, professionalism, competence and attention to detail you displayed in securing the S.M.S.F property for me. All and any questions I had were thoroughly answered, your work ethic left me in no doubt, I could trust you with the biggest decision in life so far.
And due to all of your hard work and help, you have certainly changed my life”

Jaimie Gibbons

“ We were looking for an investment property in Adelaide for a few months and weren’t sure on how to make a purchase considering we live in Sydney and had very little knowledge about Adelaide market. Super glad that we found Sasha on a facebook group 🙂
Sasha understood our finances and investment needs through a very objective process and helped us to arrive at a strategy which included both income and future capital growth. She came as an expert in Adelaide property market and skilled in property valuation / growth potential assessment.
During the whole process her assistance and guidance was invaluable for us. She would shortlist the properties for us each week, did inspections and a thorough evaluation before recommending them to us. She openly discussed pro’s and con’s of each property and how it fits the investment objectives. In a duration of one month we shortlisted 4 properties, made offer to 3 ( on the money) and were successful in one of the dual income large block which attracted a lot of interest from buyers.
After a successful offer she helped us to arrange all necessary due diligence/paperwork and was always available for any consultation ( including how to uplift the property for better returns).
Our experience is that having a buyer’s agent is like having a property specialist on your side and we highly recommend Sasha’s services.”

Nikhil & Shikha

“I spent a long time thinking about investing in real estate as a way to plan for the future, however, the task seem so big and daunting that I kept leaving it for later and never making the decision to do it. I regularly looked at properties online but I just didn’t know where to start and always thought that it was going to be too difficult to organise with a full time job.

Once I met Sasha, she explained the steps I had to take, helped me to get a financial advisor and mortgage broker who worked together with me to understand my financial position, what my goals were and how to achieve them in a safe and organised way.

I now own two investment properties and I can’t believe it took me so long to do it. If it wasn’t for Sasha’s hell I would still be thinking about it! She was there from the time we went to see the properties till they were rented, calling the agents, sending me ideas on furniture, real estates, lawyers, photos to advertise them, etc. She made it look easy when, in reality, there were thousands of things that had to be planned and prepared. She was there to clear every obstacle and support me along the way. I can’t be thankful enough for all the help and guidance she provided me to achieve my goals. I’d recommend her to anyone who is thinking on investing in real estate. Her expertise in this field makes her essential to anyone who wants to invest in real estate and has limited time to do the research. Her positive attitude and friendliness also make Sasha a lovely person to deal with. I highly recommend her services!!”

Susana Garcia

Property Strategy Consultation

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