Property is an excellent way to create wealth, yet there are so many people missing out on the opportunity to invest simply because they just don’t have the right knowledge to make the right choices.

About Our Services

Here at PrimePS our mission is to ensure that you are equipped with all the tools required to make exceptional property choices. Our goal is to help make your property journey a little easier and a hell of a lot more successful!

We’re able to fulfil our mission and goal through our personalised services – Property Strategy Consultation, Buyers Advocacy/We Buy for You, Off-Plan Property Investment and our Essential Checklists and Resources

We provide a free consultation to talk through your goals, consider your lifestyle, discuss finance, consider tax strategies and create your Game Plan.

We help you create a solid strategy, including your very own personalised Property Investment Game Plan to help guide you through the process so it’s stress free.

We show you the practical strategies for success, help you plan, purchase and most importantly guide you toward exceptional property choices by showing you how to avoid the traps.

We then review your strategy, help you obtain finance, select properties, complete due diligence, purchase your select property and assist in sourcing property management.

Annually we review your portfolio and provide guidance, review your goals, complete an equity and rental check, and a finance and insurance review.

Why is education important

There are so many things to consider when it comes to investing in property. Questions like; Where to buy? What to buy? Who should I consult? Should I attend a property seminar? Will I be able to manage my property after investment?

Trust me, I know how overwhelming it can be! But also believe me when I say that if you are given the proper guidance, including being presented with options that fit within your needs and monetary objectives, you could be well on your way to creating a sound retirement plan or becoming a wealth superstar in no time!

There’s a common misconception that you need specialist skills to make the right investment choices. In reality, once you cut through all the myths and jargon, property investing is relatively straightforward – you just need to know the right steps to follow and remain focused on your end goal! That’s where myself and PrimePS comes in.

My passion is property investment, and having been investing since the age of 21, I am now focused on helping others create their own successful portfolios. With me by your side, we can make your property dreams become a reality – without the risk!

How do we help?

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Property Strategy Consultation


Buyer Advocacy - We Buy for You


Off-Plan Property Investment


Property Investment Library

Who do we help?

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First-time investors

PrimePS is dedicated to educating and mentoring first time investors.

Your first step into the investment world can be scary and making the right investment choices is extremely important.

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Already an investor

PrimePS loves working with investors already established in the property market.

Whether you already have a portfolio and require guidance or are looking to purchase your next investment, our team can help.

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Investing with your self-managed superfund

PrimePS understands building your super is key to maintaining your lifestyle in retirement.

There are any number of good opportunities when investing in property, but how do you know which type of property is suitable for your Self-Managed Superannuation Fund?

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Expatriots and foreign investors

PrimePS is in tune with current requirements for expatriates and foreign investors.

PrimePS and our preferred industry partners work together with foreign investors to ensure they are buying property within Australia legally, including examining the restrictions applying to the purchase and tax treatment applicable.

Our 7 Keys to Successful Property Investment

Whilst there are many agencies, consultants and strategists out there who can assist you in a similar manner, Prime PS is unique in the way we approach our clients.

Our long-standing belief is that each client’s investment needs are different – and so is their strategy for investment, therefore we simply do not employ a cookie cutter approach. We take the time to listen and work with your accountants and financial advisors (or ours) to ensure that we are moving in the same direction to create a comfortable future for you and your family.

We regularly go above and beyond to ensure, clients are making the best possible investment choices and have developed our very own ‘7 Keys To Finding The Right Investment Property.’

This step-by-step guide allows us to curate a list of the most viable properties that match your needs, whether it be investing for capital growth, yield or both. We will research and provide a detailed analysis of your property and its viability based on:
  • 1

    Macro Economic Research

  • 2

    Demographic & Vacancy

  • 3

    Growth & Desirability

  • 4

    Spending & Planning

  • 5

    The Team

  • 6

    The Development

  • 7

    The Property

You could be well on your way to creating a sound retirement plan or becoming a wealth superstar.