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Buyer Advocacy – We Buy For You

Key Benefits

Save you time (and stress) by researching and short-listing property, attending inspections and recommending properties based on your requirements and goals
We negotiate on your behalf to ensure you receiving a fair and reasonable deal. With our main aim being to secure property under market value.
We’re not emotionally involved in the transaction, so we help keep you level-headed, stress free and on track with your agreed budget

Buyer Advocacy – We Buy For You

Would you love to create a profitable property portfolio but don’t know where to start?

Maybe you have an investment plan in place but are unsure how to take the next steps to buy? Or maybe you have been actively looking in the marketplace but you’re sick of searching endlessly and realising you’re competing with hundreds of other people looking for the same properties?

This is where we come in as your buyer’s advocate.

We save you time (and stress) by completing the market research and due diligence, shortlisting suitable properties, attending open inspections, and finally recommending a selection of properties based on your requirements and goals. We have a wide network of agents that notify us of off market properties and upcoming opportunities, meaning we can help you find the right property faster.
Our combined expertise as buyer’s advocates, investment strategists and property developers enable us to identify opportunities that may otherwise be missed, such as dual occupancy options that will double your yield or renovation/subdivision potential.
We organise private inspections so you have the time, space and privacy to have meaningful conversations with the selling agent and ask any questions you may have without having to compete with other attendees at open inspections.

You could be well on your way to creating a sound retirement plan or becoming a wealth superstar.


“I recently had a one-on-one session with Sasha and it changed everything. I was a total newbie when it came to the property market and was feeling extremely intimidated by not knowing what I didn’t know! With Sasha, no question was silly and she took the time to guide me through every step I needed to know about buying my first property. Now, I’m recognising so many flaws in the way we were approaching this…I’m so grateful! My husband says how much he’d love to have Sasha with us in our back pocket when we’re on our property hunt. That might not be possible but I’m so thankful I’m able to draw on Sasha’s years of property and investing to ensure I’m educated and make a wise step in our property adventure! Thanks again Sasha”

Grace Lever
First time buyer, Adelaide

“I have known Sasha in a professional capacity for almost 10 years during which time she has provided me with invaluable advice on my existing Australian investment properties, together with providing me with a wide choice of investments available to me as a foreign investor. Her knowledge of both the property market and the FIRB regulations has been first class, she has always acted with the greatest integrity and I would have no hesitation in recommending her to other property buyers and investors.”

K watts
United Kingdom

“Thanks Sasha for all your help on my first investment property. As a first time investor I really had no idea about a lot of the processes involved. You really helped guide me through the whole journey. Also, all the other professionals you introduced me to: bankers, brokers, accountants, etc have all been incredibly helpful. Thank you again, I look forward to going for property two as soon as possible!”


“Thank you Sasha for helping us purchase our first property. Your guidance, attention to detail and super prompt responses to our many questions was very reassuring. We recommend your services to all our friends and family considering buying property.”

John, Natalie & Jack

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Buyer Advocacy - We Buy for You

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