When it comes to successful property investment, knowledge is key! After spending hours upon hours trying to find accurate and reliable sources whilst researching for my own portfolio, I thought I’d save you the hassle and put together a directory of all my favourite go-to sites that can assist you on your own journey!

From data analysis, sales trends, general property forums, mortgage calculators, financial advice and even my most trusted property superstars, this list has EVERYTHING you need to do your own research and due diligence. Enjoy!


Property data:

  • www.OnTheHouse.com.au has some great free suburb reports, including a comparative sales report.
  • Subscribe to the SQM newsletter to receive interesting statistics, such as properties unsold on the market for the most days, and the biggest sales price reductions.
  • Residex is home of the free, comprehensive suburb report. You don’t even need to enter your email details! I don’t get much value out of the newsletter subscription, so I wouldn’t worry about signing up.
  • rpdata has the most incisive data-driven property information around. It’s definitely worth subscribing to their e-newsletter!
  • Realestate.com.au is Australia’s largest property website. It has some great blogs as well as free sales and demand data.
  • Domain comes in a close second to Realestate.com.au, with similar sales and demand data, as well as a blog.
  • RealEstateView is a property search website that has a great free property data section, complete with clickable graphs to get more granular information.


  • Zippy Finance have put together 10 of the best FREE online calculators to help you navigate through all the costs you need to consider when purchasing an investment property.
  • Genworth is also perfect if you’re in need of lenders mortgage insurance. This handy calculator is great for a cost estimate.

Online Publications:

  • SPIonline: While you’re on Smart Property Investment‘s website, be sure to watch the Property Showcase podcasts that are regularly added to the site.
  • RealEstateTalk is a commercial radio-quality property investing podcast. It’s a great way to get unique tips. A non-reader’s delight!
  • Matusik Missive is the property investor’s equivalent of Media Watch. This is a quality source of real estate information that isn’t afraid to rip chunks out of any commentator that gets their wires crossed.

Financial Advice:

  • The Financial Review’s smart investor is a news media’s authority on personal finance and investing. This is great for people with a strong foundation knowledge of finance who are looking for a way to apply it to their personal finances.
  • Humble Savers takes a no-attitude approach to general financial advice. It’s full of great information which is written in a way that even a personal finance novice can understand.

Investing Forums:

  • The Property Investing forum: Do you like picking other investor’s minds? This claims to be the biggest, with over 100,000 members. The community is very active, and almost everyone will learn something by cruising through the threads.
  • Homeone: The home building and renovation forum for DIYers. If you can’t find building information on youtube, on the Bunnings D.I.Y. website or on the Mitre 10 page, then this will surely find you an answer.
  • Strata Living has very specific answers on the very specific topic of strata. The perfect place for any of your strata questions.
  • Whirlpool has a very active real estate forum which has a cheeky readership who don’t like paying too much and are exploring each and every way of making money in real estate. A great read if you want a barometer of what other investors and buyers are doing.

My Property Superstars:

These guys are my tried and trusted property gurus who I regularly work with and always recommend to clients.

  • Robert Zobouian, Pulse Wealth Management is a fantastic Financial Planner.
  • Troy Green, Adgreen Property and Finance Solutions is another tried and trusted Mortgage Broker.
  • Ritchie Muir, Lawlab Conveyancing. These guys are located in most states, and have amazing rates and an online client portal!
  • Michael White, Correct Inspect. Michael is a true professional and will leave no stone unturned.
  • Jason Bond, Elever Property Group is my top pick if you need Property Management that will look after all your needs.

Have something to add to the list? Feel free to leave your recommendations in the comments below!

Until next time,

* This article was first published on The Property Investor – http://www.tpimag.com/list-maker/your-ultimate-list-of-property-resources/