Finance Your Investment Bundle

How do you know that this FREE INFO/CALCULATORS will really help you to achieve your property goals?

We will tell you why. This material was created by Sasha Holland a highly experienced Investment Strategist, Property Valuer and Educator whose property advice has been featured in the Daily Telegraph, Herald Sun, The Advertiser, Courier Mail, NT New and the Mercury.


Sasha has been investing in property for over 20 years, buying off the plan investments, renovating and developing and is now the proud owner of a portfolio of properties valued over $3.5 million dollars.

With the right guidance and strategy, you can reach your property goals too!


What’s Included:

Securing Your Loan; What do Lenders Look For?

Want to know what you need to do before you apply for finance? There are a whole range of things that lenders and banks will look at when considering whether they will give you a loan – here are the 13 things you need to know what ever lender looks for.

Savings Planner Calculator

You might be starting your savings journey or already have some cash in the bank. Want to know the time it’s going to take to save? Or want to save quicker and figure out how much money you need to save each month? We have created a worksheet that will tell you just that. Work your figures and timeframes and calculate your savings goal – then jump over to the second tab of the worksheet and map out your budget.

Compare Interest Rates Worksheet

Your savings are under way, you have your other finances in order but wait, how much will your monthly repayments be on your new loan? This calculator will help you compare interest rates depending on how much you’re borrowing and the Loan to Value Ratio and populate your monthly repayments.

Purchase the full set of checklist for only $19

Our Handy Book of Checklist is the ultimate guide to transforming your Property Investment Strategy. For $19 you get 20 pages packed with info from “How to Brainstorm Your Next Property Idea” to the difference between buying new property vs existing property and how to avoid common property traps.


“Thanks Sasha for all your help on my first investment property. As a first time investor I really had no idea about a lot of the processes involved. You really helped guide me through the whole journey. Also, all the other professionals you introduced me to: bankers, brokers, accountants, etc have all been incredibly helpful. Thank you again, I look forward to going for property two as soon as possible!”


“Thank you Sasha for helping us purchase our first property. Your guidance, attention to detail and super prompt responses to our many questions was very reassuring. We recommend your services to all our friends and family considering buying property.”



Sasha is a Property Investment Strategist, registered Property Valuer and Educator who works with investors, helping them start a well-researched and planned property investment portfolio.

Sasha first started working in the property industry when she was 18, and soon fell in love with it. Sasha has worked in all areas of the property industry and her extensive experience both professionally and personally enables her to educate and guide her client’s with confidence.

Sasha’s philosophy is centred on the principle of “due diligence”. Sasha wants to equip investors with the knowledge needed to make exceptional property investment choices that are suited to their own personal circumstances.

Sasha has built her property portfolio since the age of 21 and her property portfolio affords her the flexibility and income needed to work on growing her business, whilst spending precious time with her family. She has experienced first-hand what investing in property can do and is passionate about helping others achieve the same in a streamlined and stress-free process.

Previously from Sydney’s North Shore – Sasha currently resides in the leafy eastern suburbs of Adelaide, where she is very lucky to live her lifestyle dream as a property developer, travelling and caring for her family with her husband, daughter and gorgeous greyhound Pixie!