Reinvestor Purchase

Edmondson Park, NSW
Terrace Home & Studio Apartment

This high income couple, had been looking for a dual income property to compliment and diversify their portfolio. The family income is around $300,000 +per year, which attracts quite a high income tax threshold. By investing in new property, we were able to reduce their income tax by approx $15,000 per year! Such a great saving.

Located just 16km from the Campbelltown CBD, this multi dwelling comprises of :
4 beds / 3.5 baths / 1 car + 1 Studio/1 bath.

2015 Purchase $675,000
2016 Est Value $850,000
Equity Gain $175,000
Gross Rental Yield 6.57%

How many times have you wanted to begin your investment journey, but just couldn’t get started?